Creating a Document

At the dashboard click Documents, this will take you to where you can view and edit existing documents or create new documents. Click the left most icon which will prompt "New Document” when you float the mouse over it to create a new document.

New Document

For our first page we’ll fill out just the fields that we need:

  1. Title - Set the title to ‘My Home Page’ and click in the Content box, the Slug will be automatically filled with my-home-page.
  2. Content - Enter your copy for the home page here, optionally formatting it using one of the many web fonts available.

Click Create to create the document, once the document is created you will be placed into edit mode for the new document. Opening the page e.g. in another browser tab will show the public version of the page, however if you go to the domain itself you’ll get a 404 page, so the next job is to tell the CMS which document is our home page.

Setting the Home Page

Return to the dashboard and click Set Home Page, then from the left tree select any page that you’d like to make the home page or click Root if you don’t want a default home page, once a page has been selected return to the dashboard.

Setting the home page

Now if you open your site again e.g. you’ll see the home page however you will now find that the page can no longer be accessed by its name e.g., this is to stop a document showing under more than one URL and hence confusing search engines.

Creating More Documents

When creating documents the CMS creates the new document as a child of the current document, that is if you have my-home-page open for editing then click add a new document the new document will be created as a child of my-home-page e.g.