The gallery module provides methods to categorize images into albums and place them on the website. The gallery items are fully integrated with the site search.

The gallery module makes each image stored in an album available in 4 different sizes besides the original size, for each size you can choose if the image is scaled and cropped to be an exact size or if the image is resized to fit within the defined bounds.

Initial Setup


Once installed the news module exposes new setting which allow you to set the default sizes of images within new albums, these sizes can later be changed per album.

To set the default sizes go Settings then Gallery select the size to modify e.g. Tiny Image. There are three fields for each image, the width and height of the image and the Crop Image to Size option. The crop option if ticked will scale and crop the images to be the exact width and height given while leaving it unchecked will cause the image to be scaled to fit within the defined width and height.

Integrating with Search

The gallery module adds three additional fields, gallery.title, gallery.desc and gallery.tags, before images appear in search results you need to select which of these fields are indexed by the search module and which are used for tagging image items.

Select Settings then Search then Search Settings and add the gallery fields to the appropriate search fields. Next select the Tag Fields setting and add the gallery.tags field.

For the changes to take effect the content has to be reindexed, select the clearFusionCMS settings group, Rebuild Search and finally Reindex Content. It can take several minutes to rebuild the search data.

Default CSS

The gallery module includes a default style sheet to get you started, just add the following above </head> in your template to include it:

<link href="system/modules/gallery/gallery.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

While the default CSS provides a useful stating point in most cases you will want to refine the style for your site.