Search module that allows indexing and searching of all content within the site including content supplied by various modules.


After the search module has been installed a new group of settings are created under the Settings option on the dashboard. Within the Search settings folder you can control various aspects of search including which fields and custom fields are indexed by the search engine.

If you install additional modules then some of the modules will make additional fields available for indexing. When custom fields are defined they will also be available for inclusion within the search system.

After making changes to search settings the entire content of the site must be indexed again, to do this from the dashboard go to Settings then open the clearFusionCMS folder and select Rebuild Search. Initially the page will show you the work that has to be done, once you click Reindex Content the page will change to show the percentage completed, depending on the size of your site this can take several minutes to complete.

Search Settings

This settings option allows you to set the minimum and maximum word length that will be considered within the search system, any word outside of these bounds is ignored.

The Stop Words field contains a comma separated list of words which are considered stop words. Stop words are filtered from searches and not indexed, you can add or remove words from this list as needed.

Search Fields

The search fields setting page allows search fields to be defined, part of the definition of a search field is the content fields that will be indexed by the search field.

After the initial install of the search module two search fields are created, the first is title, title simply indexes the title field of Documents. The second field created is content, this field indexes the content field of Documents.

When adv=`1` is passed to the [[!search.form]] snippet the search fields are made available so that the site visitor can select which fields they wish to search in for the information that they are looking for, this can allow the visitor to narrow down a search to for example just product codes.

Tag Field

The tag field setting allows control over which content fields are used to tag documents, the default is to assume the meta_keywords field holds the list of tags. Tags are used when building tag clouds or building lists of documents that contain a given tag.