Available Since: V2.0.1

Query for a list of images within an album.


GET api/1/gallery/images/
Parameter Description
album The ID of the album to query.
size The size of the image to return, (t)iny, (s)mall, (m)edium or (l)arge, defaults to m.
sortBy The field to sort images by, position, added or title, defaults to position.
order The sort order ASC or DESC, defaults to ASC.
depth The level of sub albums to search to, defaults to current album only.
limit Optional limit on the number of images to return.
offset Optional offset in to the image list.
Comma separated list of image IDs to exclude from the returned results.

Successful Response (200)

	"totalImages": 1,
	"images": [
			"src": "",
			"title": "Example 1",
			"shortdesc": "Example 1 summary",
			"added": "2015-01-01 10:22",
			"width": 320,
			"height": 320,
			"uri": "",
			"link": ""
Parameter Description
totalImages The total number of images in the album.
images The list of images returned.
src The location to load the image from.
title The title of the image.
shortdesc Short description of image.
added The date and time the image was added to the album.
width, height The size of the image in pixels, or blank if the size is unknown. 
uri Optional address the image should link to.
link The address of the detail page for the image.