The rssfeed snippet is used to fetch and draw a RSS feed. It should be noted that because this snippet runs as part of the visitors request for the page it can cause the page to load slowly if the RSS feed is slow, you should consider using background tasks to give the users the best possible experience.

Parameter Description
feed The URL of the feed.
items The number of items to fetch from the feed, defaults to 5.
class The CSS class to use, defaults to rssfeed
cacheMin The number of minutes to cache the feed for.
deltaTime If 1 then time is shown as an offset from the current time, defaults to 0.
wrapperTpl Template chunk to wrap the blog menu list in.
itemTpl The template chunk to format each menu item with.

The rssfeed snippet must be called uncached of the feed will not update as expected.

Default wrapperTpl Chunk

<ul [[+class]]>[[+items]]</ul>
Placeholder Description
class The CSS class to apply.
items The formatted menu items.

Default itemTpl Chunk

	<a href="[[+link]]">[[+title]]</a>
	<p>[[+description]] <span class="published">[[+date]]</span></p>
Placeholder Description
link The link to the item.
title The item title.
description The item description.
date The date of publication.