Adding a Link

For this exercises we will need two documents, from the Getting Started you should already have My Home Page, there for repeat the steps outlined in Creating a Document to create a second document which we will call About Us. Once you've created the document select it as this will be the document we're going to link to the home page.

Additional information about the link tag discussed on this page can be found at The Link Tag.

Links in clearFusionCMS Pro

The WYSIWYG editor supplied with clearFusionCMS Pro allows you to create links to other documents by selecting them from a document tree, the editor then inserts the documents title and link information for you.

To insert a link to an existing document click the Internal Link icon.

Internal Link Icon

Once clicked a dialog with a tree view will appear listing all the documents currently in the system, simply click on the My Home Page document and close the document browser dialog. You'll find that a link to the My Home Page document has been inserted at the cursor location.

An alternative method of creating links is to use the link syntax [[~1]] where 1 is the ID of the document to create a link to, in this case document ID 1 is the My Home Page document, you can find the document IDs in square brackets in the tree view.

To try this method of creating a link out type some text into the document, select it with the mouse and click the link icon.

clearFusionCMS Pro Link Icon

The dialog displayed will allow you to select a file to link to in the left pane, or you can enter a URL into the URL field, the URL can also be the ID of a document e.g. [[~1]]. In the URL field just enter [[~1]] and click insert.

Making a link in clearFusionCMS Pro

The dialog will close and the selected text will now be a link to the home page.

Removing a Link 

If you later need to remove a link click on the linked text, click the link icon and delete the contents of the URL field, when you click insert the link will be removed from the selected text.

clearFusionCMS Free

To create a link to another document in clearFusionCMS free, select the text within the document that will be the anchor text for the link and click the Link button.

clearFusionCMS Free Link Icon

The dialog that appears will allow you to enter the link information, from the Protocol drop down select Other and in the URL field enter the document ID [[~1]], when you click OK the selected text will become a link to the home page.

clearFusionCMS Free Making a Link

Removing a Link

If you later need to remove a link click on the linked text, click the unlink icon the link will be removed from the selected text.

Linking to Content in Modules

Other modules can create pages which can be linked to for example the shop module creates product pages, in this case you can link to a product using [[store.productLink]] which takes the ID of the product to link to. When using these links you use them in place of the [[~1]] type links described above.

Please refer to the module documentation for details as to the pages available and how to link to them.