Discount Rules

Discount rules are used to automatically apply discounts to the contents of the shopping cart based on a defined set of restrictions. An example might be that users with a specific permission are given a 20% discount on all products in their shopping cart.

Adding a Rule

To add a new rule select Discount Rules from the dashboard and select the Add Rule icon.

Add Rule

On the Details tab enter a description for the rule this description is shown to shoppers and is present on the invoice. Next select the type of discount, either Percentage Discount or Fixed Amount Discount and insert the amount of discount in the Discount field.

Note: Fixed amount discounts are applied only during checkout.

From the General Restrictions and Product Restrictions tabs select the options to apply limits to how the rule can be used e.g. limit to a specific product or type of user.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Rule

To create this rule, select Discount Rules from the dashboard and add a new rule.

  • Add a suitable description to the Description field e.g. Buy 1 get 1 Free!
  • Select Percentage Discount from the 
  • Insert 100 in the Discount field
  • Select the Product Restrictions tab
  • Insert the SKU of the product that they rule will apply to, or leave blank to apply the rule to all products
  • Insert 2 into the Discount Quantity Step field
  • Add the rule

Adding 4 of the same item to the cart will cause the shopper to only be charged for 2.

If you want to limit the above rule to just providing 1 free item no matter how many multiples of 2 are ordered, edit the rule and insert 1 into the Maximum Quantity to Discount. Refreshing the cart will show that 4 items are in the cart but now only 3 have been charged for with just 1 item being made free.