Draws the form and process form submissions, this snippet must be used uncached to function properly.

Parameter Description
id The ID of the form to display and operate.
redirectTo Optional ID of a document to redirect the user to once the form has been correctly submitted.
useUL If set to 1 the form is generated inside a <ul> rather than the default <dl>.

Form fields can be prefilled by adding the field name and value to the snippet, e.g. to fill the field named subject with the value 'About clearFusionCMS' you would use:

[[!forms.use &id=`1` &subject=`About clearFusionCMS`]]

Default values for form fields can be passed by specifying the filed name and the value required e.g. to set the name field to John Doe the form.use snippet would be called as:

[[!forms.use &id=`1` &subject=`About clearFusionCMS` &name=`John Doe`]]