Working with Albums

The gallery module organizes images by album, albums in turn are placed onto a document thus allowing gallery albums to be placed almost anywhere within your sites structure.

Creating an Album

The first step with using the gallery is to create an album, click the Gallery icon on the admin dashboard, then click the Add Album icon.

New Album

The form presented will allow you to define the information about the album including the different pixel size for each of the four image sizes that the gallery can produce, tiny, small, medium and large. Initially the sizes are set to those defined under Settings > Gallery but can be overridden here if required.

The album title is required and is used to allow you to locate the album.

The Main Image Template is the name of a chunk used for layout when rendering the detailed image page, by default the gallery.infoPage chunk is used.

Click Create Album and you are now ready to start populating the album with images.

Using an Album

The next step is to add the album to the site so that it’s visible, take a note of the album id, that is the number in the square brackets after the album name e.g. [1]. Return to the dashboard and select Documents. Create a new document, or you could select an existing document, and name the document Gallery. This document will hold the images from the album i.e. if the document has a slug of gallery and an image has a slug of example then the image will be located at gallery/example.jpg.

Now we have a document we need to link it and the album, therefore in the Content field add [[gallery.album &size=`s` &withLink=`1`]], this will display the contents of the album using the small image size with each image being linking to the detailed information page.

Next move to Document Behavior field and select Container for Gallery Album and in the box to the right of the dropdown enter the album id, in this case 1. Save the document and view it in the front end.

Setting the Container for the Album

If all went well any images that you added to the album will be shown.

Note: If the document has restricted access e.g. only available to logged in members then the album will inherit these same access permission and also be available only to logged in members.

Editing an Album

To edit the information for an album first select the album then click the edit icon.

Edit Album Icon

Once the form loads you'll be able to change the name of the album, the template used for rendering the album as well as the pixel sized for each image size the gallery generates.

Once you've made all the required changes click update Album to record them.

Deleting an Album

Albums can be deleted, when doing so all the images that they contain will also be deleted.

To delete an album, first select the album and then click the edit icon as though you were going to edit the album information, however this time click the Delete Album button, you will be presented with a warning that all the images will be lost. Clicking Permanently Delete The Album will complete the process and delete the album along with all the images contained in it. If you choose not to delete the album simply select it again from the left hand side tree and you'll be returned to the album without changing it.

Note: Once you delete an album it is not possible to recover its contents, it may also break links within your site if you were linking directly to images contained within it.