Available Since: V1.0.0

Used by news.yearArchiveMonth snippet to draw each story for the month, defaults to:

<div class="news_story">
	<h3><a href="[[+news.storyURI]]">[[+news.title]]</a></h3>[[if &subject=`[[+news.thumbnail]]` &operator=`!empty` &then=`<div class="news_thumb"><img src="[[+news.thumbnail]]" alt="Picture for [[+news.title]]" /></div>`]]<div class="news_body">


Placeholder Description
news.title The title of the news story.
news.story The news story.
news.source If present the URL of the source of the story.
news.thumbnail If present then relative URL of the stories thumbnail.
news.summary The summary of the news story.
news.published The date and time that the story was published.
news.storyURI The absolute address of the page i.e. perma link.