Available Since: V1.0.0

Snippet to draw a list of news stories.

Parameter Description
limit The number of news items to show in the feed, defaults to 10.
words The maximum number of words to include as the summary of the story, defaults to 30.
from If given a comma separated list of news categories to display news items from, default is to show latest items from all categories.
exclude If given a comma separated list of news categories to exclude.
paged 1 to enable paging of stories, defaults to 0 showing all stories.
wrapperTpl The name of the chunk which will be the wrapper for the stories.
storyTpl The name of the chunk to use to draw each story, default is news.stories.
size The optional size of the thumbnail image, one of t (tiny), s (small), m (medium), l (large), defaults to s.

Default wrapperTpl Chunk

Placeholder Description
stories The HTML for the list of stories.
pagination The pagination widget required.

Default storyTpl Chunk

<div class="news_story">
	<h2>[[if &subject=`[[+news.storyURI]]` &operator=`empty` &then=`[[+news.title]]` &else=`<a href="[[+news.storyURI]]">[[+news.title]]</a>`]]</h2>[[if &subject=`[[+news.thumbnail]]` &operator=`!empty` &then=`<div class="news_thumb"><img src="[[+news.thumbnail]]" alt="[[+news.title]]" /></div>`]]<div class="news_body">
Placeholder Description
news.title The title of story.
news.story The story text.
news.thumbnail The location to load the news thumbnail from.
news.summary The summary for the news item.
news.storyURI The location of the news story page.
news.published The date and time that the news story was published.