Available Since: V1.3.0

Snippet to draw the contents of an album as a navigation menu.

Parameter Description
album The ID of the album to draw, if omitted and the snippet is on a gallery document then the album associated with that document will be drawn.
class CSS class to apply to the default <ul> container of the list.
sortBy Sort images by `position`, `added` or `title` defaults to `position`.
order Sort order `DESC` or the default `ASC`
wrapperTpl The chunk to use to wrap the image menu.
exclude Comma separated list of image IDs to exclude from the thumbnail view.
itemTpl The chunk to wrap each image in.
depth Optional depth to descend into nested albums, 0 for unlimited.

Default wrapperTpl Chunk

<ul class="[[+class]]">[[+child`]]</ul>
Placeholder Description
class The CSS class set by the class parameter.
child The HTML for the images being drawn.

Default itempTpl Chunk

<li [[+classes]]><a href="[[+link]]">[[+menutitle]]</a></li>
Placeholder Description
id The ID of the image being rendered.
link The address of page holding the full size image and its details.
title The title of the image.
menutitle The menu title of the image or if not given the title.
classes Will be active if the page currently being viewed is for the image.