Available Since: V1.0.0

Display the search results and manage pagination.

Parameter Description
searchIn The document paths to search in, `module:nodeid`, the default is to search everything.
words The number of words to return in the document summary, defaults to 30.
perPage The number of results to show per page, defaults to 10.
matchAll 1 to require all search terms be present, defaults to 0.
summary The fields and the order to use them when creating summary text, defaults to `content,summary,meta_description`.
resultTpl The name of the chunk to wrap each result in.
wrapperTpl The name of the chunk to wrap the results list in.
containerTpl The name of the chunk to contain all the results information.
class The optional CSS class to pass to the container; defaults to searchResultsList.

Default resultTpl Chunk

<li><a href="[[+link]]">[[+title]]</a><p>[[+summary]]</p></li>
Placeholder Description
link The address of the target page.
title The link title.
summary The result item summary.
img The address of the image to use with the results or and empty string if no image available.

Default wrapperTpl Chunk

<ul class="[[+class]]">[[+results]]</ul>
Placeholder Description
results The HTML for the results list.
class The CSS class.

Default containerTpl Chunk

<p>[[+numResults]] results found for "[[+term]]"</p>[[+results]][[+pagination]]
Placeholder Description
numResults The number of results found in the search.
term The term being searched for.
results The HTML for the search results.
pagination The pagination widget for multi-page results.