Available Since: V1.0.0

Draw a tag cloud.

Parameter Description
root The document path under which all documents will be used in the cloud, defaults to '' or all. The root is in the form modul:contentid.
tagPage The ID of the page to view the list of documents for a tag.
maxTags The maximum number of tags to show in the cloud.
tagTpl The name of the chunk used for drawing a single tag.
wrapperTpl The name of the template chunk for the cloud.

Default tagTpl Chunk

<li class="cloud[[+weight`]]"><a href="[[+link]]">[[+tag]]</a></li>
Placeholder Description
link The link to the target page.
tag The tag text.
weight The weight of the tag, 0 - 100 in steps of 10.

Default wrapperTpl Chunk

<ul class="tagcloud">[[+results]]</ul>
Placeholder Description
results HTML for the tag list.