Available Since: V1.0.0

Draw the list of documents with a given tag.

Parameter Description
root The ID of the document under which all tagged documents will be used, defaults to content:0. The root is in the form module:contentid.0.
resultTpl The name of the chunk to wrap each result in.
wrapperTpl The name of the chunk to wrap the results list in.
tag The tag to show the tagged documents for.
limit The maximum number of items to show, defaults to 0 or unlimited.
words The number of words to return in the document summary, defaults to 30.
The fields and the order to use them when creating summary text, defaults to `content,summary,meta_description`.

Default resultTpl Chunk

<li><a href="[[+link]]">[[+title]]</a></li>
Placeholder Description
link The address of the page.
title The title of the page.
summary The summary of the page.

Default wrapperTpl Chunk

<ul class="taggeddocs">[[+results]]</ul>
Placeholder Description
results The HTML for the results list.