System Requirements

  • You must have properly configured and accessible web space, you must have FTP or some other access to this space so that you can upload the files to it.
  • Apache + mod_rewrite - clearFusionCMS is designed to work with Apache web server and its mod_rewrite library in order to provide human and search engine friendly URLs.
  • PHP 5.3.0 - clearFusionCMS requires PHP 5.3.0 or later, this is normally installed and configured by your web host.
  • The following PHP features and modules are required to be enabled:

    •    simplexml extension
    •    hash extension
    •    mcrypt extension
    •    openssl extension
    •    zlib extension
    •    GMP or BCMath
    •    JSON
    •    MySQL or preferably MySQLi

    The following are not required but strongly recommended:

    •    Multibyte string functions
    •    Register globals off
    •    MySQL 5 - PHP must be configured with access to a MySQL 5 or later database server, clearFusionCMS requires a single database which it has fullaccess permissions to.
    •    ionCube loaders - For clearFusionCMS Free ONLY, your server will need up-to-date versions of the ionCube loaders installed and correctly configured. This requirement does not apply to clearFusionCMS Pro which is supplied with full source.

    Depending on your server environment, you may be able to improve system performance by setting clearFusionCMS to use the Alternative PHP Cache if your PHP installation has it available. You will need to modify the cache settings in system/app/config/appConfig.php after installation has completed.

    Compatibility Checker

    To help you test compatibility of your server with clearFusionCMS, we have put together a compatibility checker script.

    • Download to your computer.
    • Unpack the zip file and upload the checkserver folder to your web hosting account.
    • Using your web browser enter the address of your website followed by /checkserver/ e.g.
    • Look for any errors.

    If you need help then please contact us or visit our community forums.

    Large Scale Installations

    For large scale systems it is recommended that you have memcached available and the extensions properly configured in PHP. After installation you will need to edit system/app/config/appConfig.php to set the caching system to use memcached, this should provide better performance than the stock file based or APC caching.