Working with Images

Adding an Image

Images can be added to an album by first selecting the album to add the image to and then selecting the add image icon.

Add Image Icon

The form presented to you accepts a title for the image, a slug and the image itself, there are other fields available which are optional and allow you to refine the information presented.

You have the option to select and image that's stored on you computer or download the image from a location on the web.

Select the Image

Clicking the Choose File button brings up a browse dialog which lets you select the image file from your computer, while entering a full URL in the Location to Download Image From field will download the image from the location given.

Generally you don't need to be concerned with the size of the image as the gallery will scale images to tiny, small, medium or large based on the pixel sizes set in the album.

Click Add Image to upload the image and create it within the album, you can repeat these steps as many times as required to include all your images within the album.

Editing an Image

To edit an image first select the album containing the image then click the edit button next to the image you want to edit.

You can replace the image or change any of the information associated with the image, when you've completed your changes click Update Image to commit the changes, the image will be updated within the public interface instantly.

Deleting an Image

Click the edit button next to the image to delete then click Delete Image, you will be asked to confirm deletion of the image. Once an image has been deleted it can't be recovered from within the CMS.

Setting the Display Order

The order images are displayed in can be controlled by using the position column.

Setting the Display Order

A number can be placed in the position filed next to each image, the images with the lowest number are drawn first. Where a filed is blank the system assumes that to be 0. It is perfectly acceptable to use negative numbers.

The number you enter is saved when you click off the position field that you are editing.