Roles are created and managed via the Roles option on the dashboard, roles provide a set of permissions to the users that are in the role.

Creating a Role

Creating a new role is simply a matter of putting a name and descriptive name for the role in the New Role Name and New Role Description fields respectively before clicking Add Role.

A new role is created with no permissions, the entire list of permissions available in the system are shown, tick each permission that the role should have and then update the role to set the permissions. The actual list of available permissions will vary depending on your installation.

The role name is a textual name used when sharing the role between multiple systems when shared logins are being used.

Editing a Role

Selecting Roles from the dashboard will display a list of all the roles currently defined in the system, clicking the name of a role will show the current assigned permissions for the role and allow editing of those permissions.

Changes to a role are picked up by the users with that role they next time they load a page while logged in.

Assigning a Role to a User

To assign a role to a user from the dashboard select Users then search for the user to assign the role to, from the list of users click the Edit link for the user.

All the available roles are shown in the Role Assignment group with any assigned roles ticked. To add additional roles tick the box to the left of each required role or to remove a role uncheck the role.