Users can be those that look after the site or they can be visitors to the site that have permission to access additional content and so forth.

Users are created and managed via the site manager or you can use the members module to allow site visitors to register for an account.

Creating a User

From the dashboard select Users and then click the Add User icon, the form for adding a user can be extended by modules that you have installed into the CMS.

You need to complete all the fields and select the roles for the new user, clicking the Create button creates the new user or reports any issues. As soon as the user account is created the account can be used unless disabled was selected for Account State in which case the account will not be usable until the state is change to Active.

Editing a User

From the dashboard select Users then put the username, email or some other piece of information to identify the user in the Search For box and click Search. A list of all users that match the search term will be show, navigate this list to find the user to edit and click the Edit link for the user.

Unchecking User Name, Email or Profile before performing the search will cause the search to ignore those fields, this can help to locate a specific user.

The exact set of fields available will depend on the modules installed in the system as some modules can add additional fields to the user profile.

Blocking Users

When editing a user it is possible to change the account state to blocked or if the account is already blocked to active.

If setting an user account to blocked you can choose the length of time an account is blocked for, this could be Forever, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month or one of the other available time spans.

Once the selected time span has elapsed the user will be able to login again, their first login will return their account to active.

An account may have a status of pending this state occurs when a user registers for an account via the members module but has yet to verify the account.