Adding & Editing Products

Adding Products 

From the Dashboard click Products followed by Add Product. Most of the fields should be self explanatory but a few need extra explanations.

Add Product

The Slug will be used to name the product page within the URL, the Slug is relative to the location of the Document holding the products category, therefore if the product Slug is blue-widget and the Document has a URL of then the URL of the product page will be

The SKU or Stock Keeping Unit field must contain a unique value which identifies the product to the system. If you are using product variants then the base product and each variant will require it's own unique SKU.

The Configurable Attributes section allows selection of one or more attributes from which you will be able to create product variants. Each variant can have its own price, sale price and packing information. Variants are created after the base product has been added to the system.

Product Options

If no attributes are selected then a simple product will be created.

The Price field should be completed with the products price excluding tax, the Sale Price field can be left blank in which case the product will be displayed with just the entered price. However if a sale price is entered then the product is shown with the price in the format Was $10.00 Now $5.00.

Product Prices

Under sale price there's also a field for the wholesale price, if your store will be selling to both retail and wholesale clients then place the wholesale price in this field. Users that are logged in and have the appropriate permissions will be presented with the wholesale pricing.

The Stock Level field serves two purposes, it both displays the number of units sold and allows setting of the current stock level, leaving the stock level field blank stops the store tracking the stock but it still continues to track the number of units sold.

Stock Level

For the product to be added main product image must be included.

As soon as the product has been added to the system it will appear on the website for purchase by shoppers unless you set the Product Visibility option to Hidden.

Related and Add-on Products

The store supports two types of product relationships, related products and add-on products.

When a comma separated list of SKUs is inserted into the Related Products field, the store creates a list of related products that are shown to the shopper, the shopper is free to click any product in the list to view it.

When a comma separated list of SKUs is inserted into the Add-on Products filed, the store builds a list of the products as apart of the add to cart form. Shoppers can tick the box next to each add-on product that they wish to buy, then when the shopper clicks add to cart, both the main product and any selected add-on products are added to the cart.

Additional Product Images

Additional product images can be added to the product by clicking the Gallery button. Clicking the Add Image icon allows you to enter a title for the image and then if you click Choose File, choose a file from your computer or enter the address of the image on the internet.

If the Show Only on Variant Selection box is checked then the image will only be shown when a product variant is selected that uses the image as the variant specific image. Leaving the box unchecked will allow the image to show in the product photo gallery.

The order the images are shown in the product gallery can be controlled by using the up/down arrows that appear once one of more images have been added.

Set Product Photo Order

Clicking any of the images in the list allows you to upload a new image, delete the image or update the image title.

Setting Product Display Order

The order products are displayed in can be controlled by using the Position field when viewing the list of products in a category, the lower the number in this field the sooner the product is drawn, leaving the field blank is the same as entering a value of 0.

From the Dashboard select the Products icon, then tick the category to be organised followed by Search, a list of products located within the category will be shown.

Setting Product Display Order

Once you leave the position box the new sequence number is recorded.

Editing Products

Locate the product to edit and click the Edit bottom to the right of it, the product will then be placed in to edit mode, this is the same form that you used to initially add the product to the store.