Available Since: V1.0.0

Note: This snippet is only available on the store.productPage chunk.

Snippet to display the product gallery.

Parameter Description
lightbox Flags if the lightbox function should be used when rendering the gallery, defaults to `1`
size The size of the product image to show, one of t (tiny), s (small), m (medium), l (large), defaults to t.
galleryCls The CSS class to apply to the containing <ul>, defaults to storeGallery.
wrapperTpl The wrapper chunk for the image list.
itemTpl The chunk to format each image with. 

Default wrapperTpl Chunk

<ul class="[[+galleryCls]]">[[+images]]</ul>
Placeholder Description
galleryCls The class given by the galleryCls parameter in the snippet call.
images The list of images, the list is formatted by the itemTpl chunk.

Default itemTpl Chunk

<li><img src="[[+src]]" alt="[[+title]]" title="[[+title]]" [[+size]] /></li>
Placeholder Description
title The product name.
size The size information for the image.
src The location to load the product image from.