Available Since: V1.0.0

Snippet to display a list of products, either all products in the system, the category mapped to the document that the snippet is used on, the featured products or the latest products.

Parameter Description
limit The number of products to display, defaults to 20.
size The size of the product image to show, one of t (tiny), s (small), m (medium), l (large), defaults to s.
wrapperCSS The CSS class to apply to the containing <ul>, defaults to storeProducts.
itemCSS The CSS class to apply to each <li>, defaults to nothing.
wrapperTpl The wrapper chunk for the product list output; defaults to store.productListWrap.
itemTpl The chunk to format each product in the list; defaults to store.productListItem.
exclude Optional comma separated list of product ID's to exclude from the product list. 
sortBy How products should be sorted, one of `added`, `name` or `position`, defaults to `position`.
order The direction to order products by, either `DESC` or `ASC`, default to `ASC`.

The products that should be shown.

  • `all` to show all the products in the store
  • `latest` to show the latest products added to the store
  • `featured` to show the products marked as featured
  • `ordered` to show the products from a users last orders, limit controls the number of orders to select products from.
  • or the id of the product category to show

Defaults to displaying the product category mapped to the current document.

showRRP If given and set to 1 then when displaying products to wholesale customers the normal price is shown as the RRP.
orderedBy The email address of the user to show ordered items for when show is set to `ordered`.
fields Comma separated list of field IDs to pass to the itemTpl chunk e.g. &fields=`1,2` will output placeholders
abs If given and set to 1 URLs are created as absolute addresses, default is `0`.
If given the depth of categories to show products from, 0 = unlimited.
disableMatchHeight It given as `1` disables attempts to match the height of product boxes. 
excludeCats Optional comma separated list of categories to exclude.