Available Since: V1.0.0

Snippet to display a list of related products.

Parameter Description
id/sku Either the ID or the SKU of the product to show the related products of.
size The size of the product image to show, one of t (tiny), s (small), m (medium), l (large), defaults to t.
wrapperCSS The CSS class to apply to the containing <ul>, defaults to storeProducts.
itemCSS The CSS class to apply to the item <li>, defaults to nothing.
wrapperTpl The wrapper chunk for the product list output; defaults to store.productListWrap.
itemTpl The chunk to format each product in the list; defaults to store.productListItem.
sortBy How products should be sorted, one of `added`, `name` or `position`, defaults to `position`.
order The direction to order products by, either `DESC` or `ASC`, default to `ASC`.
showRRP If given and set to 1 then when displaying products to wholesale customers the normal price is shown as the RRP.
fields Comma separated list of field IDs to pass to the itemTpl chunk e.g. &fields=`1,2` will output placeholders [[+field1]] [[+field2]]
disableMatchHeight If given as `1` disables attempts to match the heights of product blocks.