Available Since: V1.0.0

Snippet to display a product from the store.

Parameter Description
id The ID of the product to display, the category for the product must be visible on the site for the product to display.
size The size of the product image to show, one of t (tiny), s (small), m (medium), l (large), defaults to s.
itemTpl The chunk to format the product.
showRRP If given and set to 1 then when displaying products to wholesale customers the normal price is shown as the RRP.
fields Comma separated list of field IDs to pass to the itemTpl chunk e.g. &fields=`1,2` will output placeholders [[+field1]] [[+field2]]
thumbID Option ID of a product gallery image to use for the product image. 
abs If given as 1 then URLs are absolute; defaults to `0`.

Default itemTpl Chunk

<div class="storeProducts">
	<a href="[[+link]]"><span class="productname">[[+menutitle]]</span><img src="[[+imgsrc]]" alt="[[+imgalt]]" /></a>
	<span class="price">[[+price]]</span> <a href="[[+link]]" class="viewproduct" rel="nofollow">View Product</a>
Placeholder Description
link The address of the page holding the product.
name The product name.
menutitle The products menu title, same as name if none give.
menutitleraw The products menu title as entered into the product description.
imgalt The alt text for the image, will be the same as name if not given.
size The size information for the image.
imgsrc The location to load the product image from.
price The product price.
description The product short description.
sku The product sku.